KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Artists came together to create interesting murals in different areas describing the history and culture in Knoxville.

“From alleys to stairwells, our talented local and visiting artists use a variety of canvases to enhance the natural landscape of Knoxville,” Visit Knoxville’s website stated.

There are 36 painted murals and four photographic murals within the city. Visit Knoxville highlighted the top five murals in the area.

Postcard From Knoxville

When visiting Knoxville, there is a mural called “Postcard From Knoxville” on the left side of the Knoxville Visitors Center on Gay Street filled with iconic images of the region. In 2013, the creation of the mural highlighted artists, musicians and visionaries.

According to Visit Knoxville, these images continue to make Knoxville a great place to work, live, play, and visit.

Within the mural are paintings of Tennessee & Bijou Theatre blades, the Sunsphere, the Knoxville Convention Center, a KAT Trolley, WDVX Blue Plate Special performers, the Tennessee Amphitheater, an orange “T” for the University of Tennessee, the Tennessee Riverboat, the Smoky Mountains, the Henley Street Bridge and more.

Bobbie Crews, Ken Britton, Walt Fieldsa, Curtis Glover and Randall Starnes all contributed to the mural.

Postcard From Knoxville
Postcard From Knoxville. (Courtesy of Visit Knoxville)

Greetings From Knoxville

Almost every city has its own “Welcome to…” sign but this Knoxville mural makes you feel welcomed into the city. According to Visit Knoxville, the “Greeting From Knoxville” mural is the first of its kind in Tennessee, and part of the original Greetings Tour

The mural shows a yellow, orange sunset, including shadows of the mountains with the giant “Knoxville” written across the painting. Inside the “Knoxville” letters, you can see the historical markers, including the collegiate painting of the Univeristy of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium.

Check out the 31′ x 19′ feet mural at 1143 N. Broadway.

Greetings from Knoxville
Greetings from Knoxville. (Photo: WATE Staff)

Strong Alley

Located in an alley between Union Avenue and Wall Avenue, the collage of murals was brainstormed by a team of business owners and willing artists for a collection called the “Artist Alley Revamp.” Known as Strong Alley, or Graffiti Alley, from one end to the other is like a journey of unique pieces.

One of the most popular murals in Strong Alley is the large portrait of Dolly Parton. Originally painted by Colton Valentine in 2019, local artist Megan Lingerfelt partnered with Dogwood Arts to restore the Parton’s mural.

The alley also has murals created by Curtis Glover, Paris Woodhull, Sarah Moore and more. According to Visit Knoxville, since the murals are painted based on partnerships between local organizations, new murals get created.

Strong Alley
Strong Alley. (Courtesy of Visit Knoxville)

Swimming Koi

Curtis Glover is a well-known local artist who has down several of the murals in Knoxville. With the use of bright colors, he painted vibrant Koi fish that looked like they were swimming (or jumping) in the blue water.

The fish almost seem to jump out of the mural located at 5220 Homberg Drive.

Swimming Koi
Swimming Koi. (Photo: WATE Staff)

“Victoria” Walls for Women

This mural titled, “Victoria” was named after Victoria Claflin Woodhull, who was the first woman to run for U.S. president in 1872.

The mural honored Woodhull as part of the Walls for Women Project, the brainchild of DMA events to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Victoria Walls for Women is also part of a project across Tennessee. You can find the mural at the Printshop Beer Company located at 1532 Island Home Avenue.

“Victoria” (Courtesy of Visit Knoxville)

Many more murals in Knoxville

Knoxville murals can be seen in different places. Click here for the full map of the murals and their locations:

Knoxville Music
Miller’s Building Mural
Current Past
London Streetscape
Historic Train Mural
Tennessee River Buddies
Weaving Rainbow Mountain
Big Rock Candy Mountain Mural
6th Avenue Mural Project
Molly Knox
Hard Knox Fighters
Lift Me Up
Riverbank Mural
Old City Alley
Rainbow Graffiti
South Coast Pizza
Sevier Ave Professional Building
Beehive Mountains
Dolly Parton
Cal Johnson
Windows to the Smokies
Rocky Top Reunion
Third Creek Greenway Mural
Knoxville History Music Mural
Sky Life
Cal Johnson Park
COVID-19 Memorial Mural
It’s Great to be a Tennessee Vol
Get Out
Chisholm Tavern
The Original Market House with Public Hall
Streetcar at Gay & Union
The Kern Building

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