KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxville High Senior Living could be changing and some people living there have concerns.

For years WATE has followed the effort to ensure a new future for the historic high school building. It closed to students in 1951, then housed school system offices for decades before it was sold off in 2014 for redevelopment. It opened in 2018 as dedicated senior housing. Nearly eight years later, the neighborhood keeps growing – with condos and apartments sprouting up around the area.

Today, residents say they are worried their independent senior living facility could be turning into one of those residential apartments or condo complexes, leaving them without some of the services they depend on.

WATE spoke with several Knoxville High residents, all of them wished to remain anonymous out of fear of repercussions from upper management. Many of them said they have heard rumors circulating around the facility that suggest changes could be coming.

“The question is, what is fact and what’s rumor?”

Knoxville High Senior Living resident

Concerns are coming from residents after news that Knoxville High Senior Living might become a residential apartment complex in October, leaving residents without services they depend on.

“This would mean that the kitchen would close down, there wouldn’t be any more at the kitchen,” one resident said. “Also meant that the officers would be let go.”

According to the facility’s website, the facility is operated by the company Integral Senior Living (ISL). The facility is an independent living senior facility, which means advanced and around-the-clock medical care is not offered. However, the website does mention on-site health services and three prepared meals a day.

“What does that mean,” one resident asked. “Does that mean that all services, housekeeping, the guards, maintenance, are they all gone? They’re all ISL employees so it looks like there’s a good reason to believe that come the middle of October all services to the building will be terminated.”

Residents told WATE their concerns come amid problems with ADA compliance and issues with their promised three meals a day.

“This building is not ADA certified as any building, any public building or where people come, needs to be,” a resident said. “If this place needed to be evacuated I can’t imagine it.”

“Then there’s a letter that goes out that we were not going to have any more dinners,” another resident told WATE. “I think they were going to serve us breakfast and lunch and that was it.”

Although residents say the meal issue was resolved and an elevator was installed, no official word has come from management nor the building’s owner Rick Dover about possible changes.

“It does appear that the program we came in here for and have paid for and enjoyed more or less is probably going to go,” said one resident. “What options will be made available to us? How many people will be hurt in that process?”

“I can’t sleep at night wondering what the heck is going to happen to me. I think that’s wrong for them to allow that to happen. I hear there will be a letter come out Monday morning. Well, there’s no letter.”

Knoxville High Senior Living resident

WATE attempted to contact Rick Dover. We received a reply from his spokesperson Mike Cohen who said a meeting is expected to take place with residents. However, residents have yet to receive any official word from management.

Cohen also told WATE “I’ve represented Rick Dover for many years. He is never anything but fair.”

WATE will continue following this story as it develops.