KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The ROHO Club is treating hundreds of children on a Christmas shopping spree this month. 

ROHO raises money every year to provide kids with clothes and toys. 

They serve kids in need throughout four counties, including those in Southeast Kentucky and Northeast Tennessee.  

This year, children will have even more to spend. Each child will get a new pair of shoes and $200, which is split to be spent on $140 in clothes and $60 in toys. 

Area school districts and family resource centers are in charge of selecting which child has the greatest need. 

On Dec. 6-7, children will be bused to the Walmart in Middlesboro, Kentucky to shop. 

“Whatever they come from that day is about them completely and they get to enjoy it, they get to pick what they want, and they get to have maybe a level of Christmas that they wouldn’t have without us, so seeing that come together is what’s special to me,” said Alex Cook, the chair of the ROHO Shopping Spree.

The shopping spree has grown to roughly 350 kids over the two-day event. 

Each kid is paired with a volunteer to take them through the store. The ROHO helpers and organizers say seeing how much joy it brings the kids lets them know they are making a difference. 

“The appreciation that they give I mean afterwards we’ll receive letters and cards, handwritten from these schools and kids, and it will just break your heart a little bit. They are very thankful for what’s going on. We’re just happy to be a part of it,” said Stephen Cambron, the treasurer of ROHO. 

ROHO has been helping children for more than 50 years. Visit to help them continue their mission.