KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — South Knoxville Elementary School’s Student Council hosted its annual inauguration ceremony at the historic Blount Mansion.

On October 6, student council members were given the oath of office by United States Magistrate Jill McCook. They were also presented with a Tennessee state flag that was flown over the State Capitol Building in Nashville by Representatives Sam McKenzie and Gloria Johnson.

“Blount Mansion, which is where William Blount lived. He was one of the original signers of the United States Constitution. A lot of south Knox school kids don’t recognize their connection to national history. It’s pretty exciting to have them swearing in to be leaders literally in the backyard of one of the leaders of the entire county,” said Margaret Held, whose firm helps organize the annual event.

There are two representatives per grade and the students are said to have to make a commitment to bettering their school and community.

“I always ask what are you going to do as a student council member and they all have ideas. They wanted better lunch food, we learned today that they have better lunch food. They wanted a public bus stop just outside of their elementary school. That benefits the public at large, and they got one. These kids are learning what leadership really means,” said Held.

A representative for Knoxville Mayor India Kincannon also made a proclamation commemorating the inauguration. Other elected officials and community leaders were in attendance.