KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Five days after an EF2 tornado struck West Knoxville, residents are still dealing with the damage.

Martin and Charlotte Delozier arrived home after the storm Monday to find their roof torn off, RV overturned and cars crushed under trees.

“We couldn’t even get to our property, so they sent this clean up crew in here for trees, and they’ve been cleaning up getting our driveway opened and all the stuff. They’re still working, they’ve been working everyday since Tuesday,” Martin Delozier said.

The couple has lived on Yarnell Road for 50 years. Now, the Deloziers are wondering if they will ever be able to live in their home again.

“We are trying to get our rental house ready for us to go have a place to live, we’ve been staying with his sister,” Charlotte Delozier said. “You know, you can’t pack boxes of stuff until you have a place to move the boxes so it’s kind of overwhelming.”

They said they are lucky to have help from their daughter, Ashley Garren, who grew up in the house.

“It’s tough, I think you know to have grown up here, had all my birthday parties and other events here that we’ve hosted, and as we’re going through the rubble, looking at pictures or things we find, it’s just so… I don’t know it’s just indescribable,” Garren said.

Apart from their family, they said the entire community has come out to help them and their neighbors.

“An outpouring of people coming out,” Martin Delozier said.

“Even the fire department in the beginning went closet to closet looking for me and it’s just so good to see people that we take for granted on the other days of the year really come and care,” Charlotte Delozier added.

Luckily no one was home during the storm, except for one unexpected survivor.

“Our survivor through all of this, that was here, was our chicken, our one solo chicken,” Charlotte Delozier said. “She survived the whole thing, 130 mph winds I think they said with that tornado too.”

Their RV has been returned to it is upright position, and clean up crews are still working to remove debris from their yard. They have a tarp over their roof to protect their things from rain, and a team from their insurance company is coming Monday to determine if the house can be repaired.