KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Investigators are asking for the public’s help in regard to a string of car burglaries in Knox County.

Two suspects have been arrested, but there may be more out there, and officers are working to build up the case against them. 

William Brewster and Zachary Jordan are suspected of stealing two cars and breaking into nearly 20 vehicles in Knox County.  

“This is William Brewster. He’s been charged with vehicle burglary in three different burglaries,” Sheriff Tom Spangler said Thursday. “He’s already out on violation of probation. So he’s going to be in our jail for a while.”  

“Zachary has been charged with two counts of vehicle burglary, vandalism, and he also has a violation of probation on him as well,” Spangler added.

He said the two have been busting the back windshields of cars and stealing anything they can get their hands on including firearms, purses, wallets, and cash.  

Out of nearly 20 break-ins, three of those cars were law enforcement vehicles. 

Sheriff Spangler said at least seven firearms were stolen. Their concern now is to make sure stolen firearms that have yet to be recovered aren’t used in future crimes.  

KCSO said at this point they’re not sure if the two men are the only two suspects. So, they are asking for your help in this case.  

“Again, we’re asking people to contact us, reach out to the sheriff’s office, and if you notice that your vehicle has been broken into or something may be missing right now, we need to know about it,” Spangler explained. 

Sheriff Spangler said to make sure you’re not leaving valuables in your car so you don’t become a victim.  

“Make sure you’re locking it [your car] up. You think it’s secure but if an individual sees something else in your car, to them if they’re going to break into the back windshield of a car, it doesn’t mean anything to them.” 

If you think you might be a victim in this string of burglaries, or if you have information that could help investigators you’re asked to call 865-215-2243. 

You can remain anonymous. This investigation remains ongoing.