KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Vols fans are gearing up to watch the Orange Bowl Friday night where the Tennessee Vols are taking on the Clemson Tigers. All over Knoxville, people were seen wearing their orange and white, including one super fan who’s been cheering on the Vols for over 30 years in a unique way.

“I’ve always been a Tennessee fan probably since I was three or four years old. My dad started taking me to the games,” said Halls native Jim Harmon.

Harmon definitely has a favorite color. It’s orange, Tennessee orange to be exact.

“If I have to wear a different color, I’ll usually wear Tennessee under it. And then as soon as I get done, I’ll just take that off, so I’ve got the orange under it,” he said.

He loves the color so much, he’s been wearing it every day for the past three decades.

 “32 years and two days or 11,690 days now,” Harmon said doing the quick math. 

Thrity-two years ago Harmon was a Sergeant in the Air Force and when he got out he took every opportunity to go to University of Tennessee games, in his favorite color of course.

“At one point we were ushers at the stadium after I got out of the Air Force and that’s when I started wearing orange, December 28th, 1990,” said Harmon.

In 2018, Harmon’s wife had a cake made for him to celebrate 10,000 days of wearing the same color over and over again.

“It looked like Neyland Stadium with, what they called the Jimbo Tron instead of the Jumbo Tron because it had my picture on it,” Harmon explained.

Cake designer Sara Martin said it was one of the largest projects she’s had.

“The stadium that we did, it took about 7 and a half hours. So that was a big one,’ said Martin, who also has some Tennessee ties. “I’m a Vols alumnus. I was there from 2002 to 2006.”

She said this year she’s had a lot of requests for Vol-style cakes. UT’s success this season has been good for business and is keeping Harmon optimistic for tonight’s game.

“I think they’re going to do good. I really think Joe Milton is probably going to really surprise some people tonight. Over this season, really he hasn’t done that bad when he’s come in. So tonight is his big stage though so hopefully he’ll be able to perform,” said Harmon.

And you can guess what color Harmon will be wearing while watching the game. He went to the Orange Bowl back in ’97. UT lost that year. He said he was staying home this time because he didn’t want to jinks the team.