KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County continues to grow, and local leaders want to hear your ideas about what the future should look like.

Knox County is growing at a rapid rate and county leaders say they know something needs to be done to help keep up with the influx of people coming in. The Advance Knox plan was designed by Knox County leaders as a guide to help plan land use, transportation, economic prosperity, and the quality of life in the county.

“In the next two decades, we are expected to gain 75,000 people in the unincorporated areas of Knox County. So that’s why this plan is so important so we can accommodate that growth,” said Mandi Benedict the Constituent Services Director for the County Mayor’s Office. “The last time that we updated our general plan was 20 years ago.”

A new survey by the county will allow you to give feedback regarding where and how that growth should take place.

“We want to find out where growth is appropriate in Knox County or where we should maintain the rural character of the communities. And the three different scenarios you’ll find options for mixed developments, should we grow along corridors, or do we maintain farms out in different parts of the county,” said Benedict.

The survey lets you rank the Advance Knox goals, give input on the four community types, and rate certain growth scenarios.

“I hear from people every day saying that they’re not happy with the way Knox County is growing and that it leads to sprawl and that it leads to the lack of services and so I think this is an opportunity for them to give us feedback on how they want the county to grow and how they want the county to look,” said Benedict.

The survey will be open through October 31. You can also sign up for updates on potential meetings where you can listen to everyone else’s feedback.

The Advance Knox Plan is an 18-month process and Knox County leaders say people can start seeing the plan in action in just the next couple of months. You can find the survey here