KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The community of Yarnell Road in Knoxville are getting help from their family and friends as they recover from tornado damage.

An EF2 tornado hit West Knox County Monday and left many without power and with damages to their yards and homes.

Yarnell Road saw some of the worst damage. Dianna Bartles and her husband traveled from Cincinnati, Ohio to come help their son and his family recover from the storm.

“Of course, this is our son and his family so we, first thing this morning, got up, brought our tools and came down here to work,” she said.

Like many of their neighbors, her son’s family had a damaged fence and fallen debris covering their yard. Casey Majni lives just down the street, and was home for lunch when the chaos began.

“I started making my afternoon lunch, and it was a storm, seemed like a normal storm. My mom called me and said, ‘I think we have rotation.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ And about that time the wind picked up and I started hearing stuff hit the house. I told my wife, ‘basement now,'” he described.

He said his friends are helping clear the debris around his home.

“Within 30 minutes, I heard chainsaws firing up, people brought tractors out, just started clearing the roads, all the way up towards the school,” he said. “Everybody just started cleaning up like they’ve been through it before, it was really cool to see Yarnell just come together and clean everything up.”

Majni’s in-laws also live on Yarnell Road, and he said the damage at their house was even worse.

“I actually got emotional looking at their house because a century old oak tree went right through the center of it,” he said. “So then I called her and told her that they’re house was gone.”

Both he and Bartles agreed that above all, they’re thankful for everyone’s safety.

“I know that’s hard to see now with all the damage, but you can live another day and I think, hold tight to your blessings,” Bartles said.