KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — An East Tennessee facility accepted more beagles on Thursday after receiving several from a mass-breeding facility in early August.

Young-Williams Animal Center accepted an additional 20 beagles and has taken in 40 beagles since August. The Young-Williams accepted the first group of 20 beagles into the facility after a Virginia facility shut down for multiple animal welfare violations under federal regulations.

Young-Williams will conduct health assessments and then release the dogs to pre-approved foster families for care and socializing.

Most of the beagles from the first group were adopted. Young Williams is encouraging everyone in the community to adopt the second newcomers.

Potential adopters need to submit an application for each beagle. According to the news release, there is no waitlist. Those who didn’t get a beagle from the first group must fill out a new application.

Young-Williams added that the beagles will live with foster families and will not be at either shelter location.

To fill out an application for a meet-and-greet with the beagles, or donate, visit

Young-Williams is also collecting love stories from people who adopted a pet from the shelter to help fund $100,000 in lifesaving funds from Petco Love. Young-Williams will choose two stories that will showcase how to adopt pets. Submit your story by visiting,

People can also view the beagles that Young-Williams has in its facility visit the website or come to either shelter location at 3201 Division St., off Sutherland Avenue or 6400 Kingston Pike in Bearden.