KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The animals at Young William’s Animal Center will have plenty to eat after community member’s donated an astounding amount of food.

One week ago, Young-William’s reached out saying they were in urgent need of dry dog, cat, and puppy kibble. With 350 animals in the shelter, the dogs at Young-Williams go through around 800 pounds of food every week.

On Thursday, the shelter announced that they had received over 9,000 pounds of dry pet food and 162,000 ounces of wet food. These donations come after the $5,000 worth of food donations that came through a few days after the original request for help was sent.

“We appreciate your efforts to spread the word and support of local, vulnerable animals. We couldn’t have done it without you!” Young-Williams said in the release.

Along with the food, the shelter said they received hundreds of toys, treat bags, and linens. All of these donations from generous community members fulfilled the shelter’s needs.

On Young-William’s website, their top needs are Kitten Meal Replacement, Pate Kitten Food, and High-Value Dog Training Treats. Donations can be brought to the two shelter locations, and Young William’s also has an Amazon wish list to help make donating easy.