KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Amid a districtwide mask mandate instituted by a federal judge, Knox County Schools have released mask-wearing rules for student athletes and performers.

Student performers will not need to wear a mask when practicing or performing in a school activity such as drama or choir. Athletes don’t need to wear masks when actively playing sports but will need to do so when on the bench.

Coaches should stay masked unless they need to drop their mask “for a moment” to communicate, according to Knox County Board of Education.

Participating students are required to wear a mask before, during, and after they are actively engaging in the activity. Spectators are expected to remain masked unless otherwise stated.

After previously only allowing exemptions for students with autism or a tracheotomy, parents can request a meeting with school officials to determine if their children are eligible for an exemption or other accommodation.

A total of 340 students and 10 staff members have been granted mask exemptions. A total of 21 staff members will not use a mask or face shield while translating or providing instruction in American Sign Language. An additional 65 speech/language pathologists will use face shields and social distancing while providing small group instruction for speech sound disorders.