KNOXVILLE (WATE)- Knox County Democratic party opened the doors of the headquarters in Downtown Knoxville Sunday afternoon for a cause: to rally for the Affordable Care Act.

Following the lead of Senator Bernie Sanders, rallies were held across the country today in response to Republican leadership voting 51-48 for a budget resolution that would allow a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, ACA.

In Knoxville, supporters carried signs and stood behind three speakers each greatly impacted by the ACA.

After the rally, attendees wrote letters to Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Bob Corker, Congressman John Duncan and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The letters shared personal stories about the affect the ACA has for the better, asking Republican leaders to reconsider repealing without a replacement.

“I will absolutely fight for this. I am not particularly motivated in my life, and I absolutely had to come here today. I know I’ve everything I can to fight for this.” said Maryanne Webster, ACA enrollee.

“I’m here today because my healthcare depends on the affordable care act. It might not be a perfect program, but it’s better than what else is out there.” said Rebecca Saldivar ACA enrollee and small business owner.

The handwritten letters would be sent to the local offices of Senators Alexander and Corker and Congressman Duncan. Senator Ryan’s letters would be sent directly to his Washington D.C. Office.

Some in attendance admitting, the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect–but hope a plan for replacement is in motion and announced soon. One attendee saying, it shouldn’t matter if someone is enrolled in ACA or not–the issue is bigger than just health insurance.

“It’s my personal belief is that we elect officials to be our representatives. Part of that job is that they may not necessarily agree with us, but they’re still obliged to listen to us and hear our voices.”