KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Six-year-old cancer patient A.J. Cucksey will be among hundreds of thousands of Tennessee fans cheering on the Vols this weekend.

Over the years the young VFL has formed a strong bond with the team, in particular quarterback Josh Dobbs,Previous Story: Tennessee Volunteers root for Knoxville boy diagnosed with inoperable tumors

A.J. was diagnosed with pilocyctic astrocytoma,a series of nonmalignant pediatric brain tumors. Cucksey has seven of these tumors, all of which are inoperable because of their location.See Also: Knoxville boy with inoperable brain tumors named Children’s Miracle Network champion

To raise awareness of A.J.’s illness, the Cucksey family has teamed up with East Tennessee Children’s hospital to sell shirts featuring the hastag: #CuckseyStrong. You can purchase your shirt to support A.J. online.

As the Volunteers prepare to take the stage for the largest college football game ever, they’ll know one of Knoxville’s most passionate fans will be cheering for them the entire way.