KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville coffee shop is making sure their leftover bagels don’t go to waste. At the end of every day, instead of throwing out their bagels, KBrew collects them and donates them to Mobile Meals.

Mobile Meals delivers hot meals to people in Knoxville and Knox County, who otherwise may not have easy access to food. Most of the meal recipients are over the age of 75, live alone, and have a fixed or low income.

“It’s so great donating the excess bagels to seniors in the area who have trouble getting meals and maybe can’t afford meals,” said Pierce Lamacchia, KBrew’s CEO, co-founder. “So it’s a great way for us to just use that extra product to benefit the community.”

Between October and December, KBrew donated more than 800 bagels to Mobile Meals of Knoxville. The coffee shop says they plan to continue partnering with the nonprofit going forward.