KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Suspects in the shootings of two Austin-East High students are still at large, and at last check, unknown.

Because of this, a community member is offering up his own personal money as a reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/persons who shot 15-year-old Janaria Muhammad, and 16-year-old Stanley Freeman Jr.

Kris Young, co-founder of Young At Heart Inc., is posting a $2,500 reward for each victim.

“Knoxville’s a really small community. Somebody knows something. And, you know, I’m hoping, I’m banking that the greed of the individuals involved will outweigh their loyalty to their gang members, or whoever they’re keeping silent for,” Young said.

Young said the community around Austin East High is small.

If someone doesn’t know someone directly, then they have ties through another person.

He believes someone knows what happened, or at least who is involved, and said people need to come forward with that information.

“Maybe this is what’s going to get somebody to talk. Hopefully,” Young said.

Young said there are people who need to be taken off the streets so this doesn’t happen to any other families.

He said a few people have reached out offering to add to the reward, however no one has offered any information.

For those looking to offer information for the reward, they can reach out to Young via his Facebook page here.

Knoxville Police leaders said they are also still waiting for information regarding the two shootings.

They will accept anonymous tips.