Knoxville company creates vertical planting, watering system


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – If you’re planning your spring garden and are confined to a small space, a Knoxville company has the solution.

The Greenstalk vertical planting system is unlike any on the market and it was designed and made in Knoxville.

Ryan Peterson works at mold design in Knoxville. Peterson said he and his family decided they wanted to do more than just make other people’s products, so they hit up with the drawing board and came up with Greenstalk.

“We probably had about five or six different design concepts,” said Peterson. “We just patched it together with duct tap, it was real hodge podge, but we proved out the watering system and once we knew it worked we went ahead and made some real systems.”

Slideshow: Greenstalk Vertical Planting System

The difference between his vertical planter and others, according to Peterson, is that each layers get the exact same amount of fresh water. He say she found that others planters on the market just filter water through the soil above, creating uneven distribution.

The planters come in a variety of different colors and sizes to accommodate individual needs.

“You fill the top tray and walk away,” said Peterson demonstrating the ease of his planter.

Peterson also said a lot of their customers also find the Greenstalk handy simply because they don’t have to battle the weeds or roots in their garden or yard.

“You take up less space, easier on your back, don’t have to crawl around and you can grow on patio or porch,” said Peterson.

For more information on Greenstalk visit their Website.

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