KNOXVILLE (WATE) – When you think of amputees and prosthetics, usually a person in need comes to mind, but one lucky cow in Knoxville has been given a prosthetic foot.

Dudley the cow has been recovering at UT Veterinary Medical Center the last month after undergoing amputation surgery from a severed foot.

Animals with these type of injuries are usually put down, but because of an organization called The Gentle Barn, Dudley is getting a renewed chance at a long life.

Dudley the cow

“This is the end of a long painful road for Dudley, and at the same time it’s the first day of the rest of his life and he gets to now going on living the rest of his life like a happy, healthy, happy cow,” said The Gentle Barn founder Ellie Laks.

The man who crafted the cow’s prosthetic is an amputee victim as well. Ronnie Graves lost his leg in an accident at a fertilizer plant 40 years ago and has devoted his life to building prosthetics for animals like Dudley.

Once Dudley gets used to his new foot he will be taken to The Gentle Barn in California  where he will be a part of a program that works with special needs children and adults who face similar physical differences.