A dentist in Knoxville has been fined thousands and had his license put on probation after a state investigation revealed he forged some dental certifications, improperly sterilized equipment and let dental hygienists perform tasks above their abilities.

Dr. Clarence ‘Buzz’ Nabers, who operates two dental practices in Knoxville, was fined $11,000 and had his dental license put on a two-year probationary period after an investigation by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry, according to a disciplinary report from the state health professions board

After the only other dentist beside Nabers at the two offices abruptly resigned in 2018, Nabers let dental assistants and hygienists perform duties beyond their professional scope for several months, such as filling cavities or inserting permanent veneers, without being present in the office.

Nabers failed to properly sterilize dental equipment. Disposable tools were reused after being placed in a cold sterile solution and other equipment was not spore tested regularly to ensure harmful microorganisms had been killed.

When the staff was asked to produce the solution used for cold sterilization they were unable to locate the solution.

Nabers also admitted to forging several certifications from Arrow Dental Laboratories in Arizona and sending them to dentistry board during an education audit in 2015-2016 and having a dental assistant forge a CPR card with Nabers’ name on it.

According to the reviews, Nabers had not recently updated patients’ medical histories.

Nabers has been fined $11,000 and his Tennessee dental license has been placed on a two-year probationary period.

In order to have the probationary status lifted, Nabers must submit proof of proper sterilization materials and protocol in both offices, complete 30 educational hours on sterilization, infection control and record keeping in addition to paying monetary fines.