KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A precautionary, two-week quarantine on a Knoxville family was lifted at the end of February after they returned home from a trip to China.

Victor Price, his wife and stepdaughter went to Dalian, China on Jan. 12 to visit his wife’s side of the family for the Chinese New Year. They had heard some buzz about coronavirus prior to the trip, but at the time, it hadn’t yet triggered widespread panic.

Toward the end of the trip, the city started to shut down around them. “All the hotels were closed. They closed all the hotels, this is throughout China. They closed all the restaurants, closed all the dental offices,” Victor Price said.

He says he then got an email saying their mid-February flight back home was canceled.

“I got an email saying that my flight was canceled and there was no options except we’ll be in touch about a refund,” Victor said.

Victor’s stepdaughter was able to find a flight to Tokyo that would take them back to the U.S. They touched down in New York City on February 15 where they were contacted by the Knox County Health Department about a self-quarantine.

As soon as they touched down in Knoxville on February 16, they were contacted to be tested again.

Although they never showed any symptoms, the health department recommended a two-week self-quarantine to be safe. The family was quarantined in their home from February 16-29.

“I didn’t go to Sunday school, I didn’t meet friends for lunch or things of that nature. I didn’t mind being quarantined, I just didn’t want to be quarantined in China,” Victor said.

The family underwent airport screenings every step of the trip and never exhibited symptoms of the virus.