KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville family is broken after losing a much-beloved member.

Authorities in Colombia report Jamie Lampley’s husband, Edward “Eddie” Lampley, died after falling 22 floors from a condominium. His death has been ruled a suicide. Though, Jamie Lampley and her family are not buying that theory. They say the death of her husband is very suspicious.

“He went down with $2,000 cash in his wallet and the $2,000 is gone,” Jamie said.

“I just didn’t understand,” Wanda Lampley, Edward’s mother said. “I just didn’t understand how it could have happened to him like that. And for nobody not to know what happened, I don’t get that.”

Lampley arrived in Colombia on April 26. His body was discovered just after midnight on April 27.

According to his wife, Lampley’s army buddy was joining him a day later on the vacation, and Lampley’s friend arranged for them to meet a ‘tour guide.’ The friend found the ‘tour guide’ on YouTube.

“When they picked up my husband from the airport it was him, one of the what they say, ‘training tour guides’ and the only details that we have been told is that they met two other people on the beach,” Jamie said. “All three went up to the condo that my husband and his friend were renting, and they had some drinks and we’re jamming out. And then they stated to the police that my husband went to sleep, which is very rare for my husband to do with people in the apartment still, especially people he doesn’t know.”

One person left the condo to go get a pizza.

“The other two were in the living room and said that they heard a thud. Went to go check the bedroom, did not see my husband there. Noticed that another window above another bed in the room was open and they looked out the window and unfortunately seen my husband there,” said Jamie.

“There’s a lot missing,” Wanda said.

“And the sad thing about it was the authorities didn’t’ even notify her (Jamie),” Sherry McKee, Edward’s mother-in-law said. “It was the friend that notified her. She has yet to be notified by the authorities. Nothing has been explained. She had been on the phone for three days and there was no help.”

“When his friend got there the next day, the police were already waiting for him because his name was on the Airbnb reservation,” Jamie said. “They had him identify the body. He called me to notify me then of course for his own he tried to out of there the very next day. No police, nobody has still spoken to me to this day.”

An attorney general in Colombia told Jamie the missing $2,000 is being investigated but her husband’s death is still being ruled a suicide.

Jamie said, “That’s not my husband’s personality. He lived for life. We had a lot of plans for when he was to come home. He took my car to the airport so we have a lot of suspicions that’s been raised.”

Jamie added her husband was terrified of heights and it was strange that he would stay in a condo at such a high altitude.

Lampley leaves behind two young sons. He married Jamie last year and they bought a house in Knoxville a few months back. Lampley ran a painting business and served as a military police officer with the Army. His family says he was always full of joy, a very loving father, an old-fashioned type of guy and he never met a stranger.

Jamie has also started a GoFundMe to raise money to bring Edward’s body home.