Knoxville filmmaker telling stories with meaning


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A young Knoxville filmmaker is enjoying the national spotlight. You can watch her latest project on Amazon Prime.

It’s a story about knocking down the roadblocks in your life to achieve your dreams.

Ashley Shelton is the writer, director and star of the 16-minute short film “Magnolia & Clementine.” It’s a film she’s proud of. There are mementos from the shoot including a unique poster proudly displayed in her home studio.

“Magnolia & Clementine” is a short story about a writer who throws away her work only to have it stolen and published with someone else getting the credit.

Shelton wrote the story out of some of her own experiences. She even included her beloved pet dog in the film.

“For a lot of my life, I was a loner. I was really made fun of and bullied when I was younger and I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. I had just a small group of friends so movies were always my friends. I would travel through them, I would learn about life through them and just always watched and connected with movies,” she said.

Shelton and her husband Linds Edwards who portrayed Bobby Dean in the hit series “Rectify” and was on “The Walking Dead” are fortunate that the proceeds of their work allow them to devote time to current projects. They moved back to Tennessee from Georgia, as our state and our region continue to attract more filmmakers with tax incentives.

Now Shelton is banking on future projects to help her continue her mission of telling stories with meaning.

“I just trust that people want to see me in things, want to cast me in things, want to keep seeing my stories, want to keep seeing my face. So it’s just a business based in faith for me and I have to have a lot of it to do what I do.”

You can see “Magnolia & Clementine” on Amazon Prime through October.

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