Knoxville firefighters free puppy stuck in coffee table


A group of Knoxville firefighters jumped into action Tuesday to help a 4-month old puppy after he got his head stuck in a coffee table.

The Doberman-Husky mix became trapped in one of the coffee table’s decorative holes.

Master firefighter Al Ludwig said us the puppy, whose name is Thor, was brought in by its owners shortly after the group of firefighters came on duty Tuesday.

They had taken apart the table and brought in Thor with his head stuck in the coffee table leg. At first, firefighters tried using a hacksaw but quickly switched gears after turning it on.

“He didn’t like the saw very much so we had to fall back and punt, come up with a new idea,” Ludwig said. “One of our other firefighters she came up with the idea to use bolt cutters which were quiet so we just kind of pinched the wood. Enough to get it away from the puppy’s head.”

We’re told the puppy is fine but one firefighter had a minor hand injury from the hacksaw.

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