KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Volunteers with Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, armed with hammers and drills, spent their Saturday morning to help build a local nurse’s future.  

Diane Latimore is a third-shift LPN who cares for patients with intellectual disabilities. Outside of work, Latimore has brought her mother and a friend of her son’s to live with her and her son in their two-bedroom apartment.

On top of it all, Latimore faced critical health issues in 2018 that have led to three brain surgeries. Between the surgeries and the recoveries that followed, Latimore was in and out of work, which meant the bills were piling up fast.  

“You know when you work, you just take for granted that you’re going to just be able to continue working and then when something comes out of nowhere that’s out of your control and you can’t do anything, it’s a reality, it’s an eyeopener,” Latimore said.  

That’s where Knoxville Habitat for Humanity comes in. The first women build project of the year is helping take some of the burden off Diane’s shoulders. 

“It’s been a tough year for everybody but Knoxville Habitat for Humanity somehow or another has continued to build and persevere,” President of Knoxville Habitat for Humanity, Kelle Schultz, said. “And we’re just so grateful. We would not be able to do that without the support of the community, without the support of these women out here and so many others.” 

Of all the hats Latimore has worn in her life – mother, nurse, caregiver, daughter – now it’s time to add a new one to the collection: homeowner. 

“It means the world. It means stability. It means safety, knowing that we’ll always have a roof over our heads,” Latimore said. “What goes through my head is if I could not return to work, me and my son could be homeless.” 

Today the team of volunteers was able to get the walls up on the house. Diane should be able to move in by early fall.