KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon is restructuring her administration in an effort to better tackle the city’s housing and economic development needs.

The mayor said deputy mayor Stephanie Welch’s decision to leave the city and Becky Wade’s decision to retire are what opened up the opportunity to restructure her top leadership team.

“The departure of Stephanie Welch and the retirement of Becky Wade have opened up an opportunity to restructure my top leadership team,” Kincannon said. “These new roles will help us accomplish even more in areas that are increasingly important to Knoxvillians.”

The changes include appointing a new chief housing officer and a new chief economic development officer. Amy Brooks has been named for the new chief housing officer role. She is currently the executive director for Knoxville-Knox County Planning. Harold Cannon has been named for the new chief economic development officer role. He is the current City of Knoxville engineering director.

Kincannon emphasized that the new roles are crucial to meeting the needs of the community.

“A thriving city must have both a robust economy and a healthy housing market; the two go hand-in-hand,” Kincannon said. “Director Cannon and Director Brooks each bring a successful track record and key relationships to help us accelerate our efforts in both housing and business development.”

Cannon and Brooks will both begin their new jobs in September.

Kincannon also announced Boyce Evans as the city’s new chief financial officer. Evans has been the deputy director for the last two years and has worked at the city for 16 years. In addition, Kittrin Smith will become the acting deputy director of finance. She has worked for the city for more than 10 years.

“Mr. Evans and Ms. Smith are integral members of our Finance Team, who have helped see us through some challenging circumstances,” Kincannon said. “They both have exhibited the skill and leadership to help us continue our history of sound financial stewardship. I am excited to announce their new roles with the City.”

Evans and Smith will start in their new roles on July 15.