KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — After losing one daughter to a stray bullet, a Knoxville mother is now mourning the loss of a second child who she says was also accidentally shot and killed.

Charlene Roberts has lost two children to gun violence in less than two years. Her daughter, Jessie Roberts was killed in March of 2019 while sitting in the drive through of a Krystal. She was hit by a bullet that came from the direction of a nearby nightclub.

As of today, no one has been arrested or charged for her murder.

As Charlene approaches the second year without her daughter, she is now grieving a new loss. Her son, Kevin Roberts was killed on Jan. 10, at a gathering in West Knoxville. He was 33.

Now with two children gone, Charlene is learning to cope with her grief.

“It was just like not another one to gun violence and the bad thing is it wasn’t even meant for either one of them,” Roberts said.

Roberts says she clings to God and her remaining children and grandchildren for her strength.

“I have to just stay connected with my God because without God on my side, I’d probably be in a crazy house by now or I’d probably be dead myself. I would have probably just fell over dead,” she said.

There has been an arrest made in connection with the murder of Kevin Roberts. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is ongoing.