Knoxville woman receives fake Apple email


Don’t get caught by scammers sending out phony email messages claiming their from apple.

A Knoxville woman received one of these messages recently.

If you received an email from Apple or a receipt from an iTunes purchase you don’t remember, be careful what you click on. Chances are if you click on the wrong link, as Edna Fack did, you might wind up being phished. 

“So, I thought, okay, that’s not strange. Maybe something happened to the card. So, I go in to what looks like the Apple account to update my card information. When I pull it up it takes me to what is supposed to be the Apple site,” says Edna. 

The message said there was something wrong with a recent charge. It was $376 for sunglasses from Smart Buy Sunglasses. 

Ms. Flack called the sunglasses company, her bank, and Apple. 

Apple told Edna scam emails often resemble Apple correspondence with the same formatting and graphics. 

Apple says phishing emails will ask you to click on a link to update your account information, but Apple warns never enter that information on websites linked from these messages, and never download or open attachments. 

Apple says genuine purchase receipts from iTunes or iBook will include your current billing address, which scammers are unlikely to have. 

If you think you might have entered personal information like a password or credit card information on a scam website, Apple says you should immediately change your Apple ID password. You can also report phishing at

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