KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Doris Slack is now home from the hospital after a five-month battle with COVID-19. We first talked to Doris’ sister, Sally in February when she asked the community to pray for four members of her family who were battling COVID-19 at the time.

Sally’s sister Doris was one of them, and she was having the toughest time with the virus. She spent a lot of her time in the hospital in critical condition. She was also put on a ventilator.

Today, Doris is back home with her family. They say prayers from the community are what helped bring her this far.

“I want to thank Knoxville and everybody here in Knoxville and everybody here in the surrounding counties of Tennessee for praying for my sister and family,” Sally said.

Doris has come a long way since February, but still has quite a way to go. She can’t walk right now, and still has a tube in her neck to help with breathing. Sally says doctors estimate it will take around six months until she gets back to complete normalcy.

In the meantime, Sally is asking the community to continue to pray for her sister.