KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A first-of-its-kind dog park is coming to Knoxville: The Bark is an indoor-outdoor dog park and beer garden coming to the city’s Fourth and Gill neighborhood.

The Bark will offer two indoor spaces for the dogs and one outdoor space. The first indoor space is called ‘The Foothills.’ It is meant for smaller dogs weighing less than 35 pounds. The second, larger indoor space is called ‘The Sugarlands’ and is for dogs of all sizes. Then, the 6,000 square foot outdoor space is equipped with turf and will have a canopy, picnic tables, and agility equipment for the dogs.

The Owner, Hanna Harris, has been an obedience trainer for dogs since 2013. She said she commonly was asked by her own clients how they could safely socialize their dog at a dog park, so she wanted to create one herself and add a twist with the beer garden.

“We really wanted to provide a safe space for not only our training clients but also for all of Knoxville to be able to come here feel like they can know that these dogs have been checked out before they come in,” she said. “They definitely have have their vaccines, they definitely passed a behavior test, just doing everything that we can to try to check boxes and just make it a safe place that’s a lot of fun also.”

Harris explained there will be a couple of drink carts scattered throughout the property for dog owners to get beverages, allowing them to drink and relax as their dogs play.

Paperwork, payment required

Harris is also sticking with what she knows, saying obedience is key for dogs who will want to enter the play areas. She spoke about the requirements and evaluations that will be needed for each dog before they can enter.

“You are going to fill out a pet profile, which part of that is a behavior questionnaire,” began Harris. She also said they will ask for information such as the dogs’ bite history and play styles. “Then we also want to bring the dogs in for like an evaluation as well,” she added. She said owners being able to call their dogs back to them will be key.

In addition to the requirements and evaluation, there will also be trained ‘Bark Rangers’ from The Bark in each play area to help monitor playtime.

Open House event

The Bark will host an open house Friday, May 6 from 4 – 8 p.m. They are located at 601 Lamar Street in the Fourth and Gill neighborhood of Knoxville. Harris said they hope to have their grand opening the following weekend.