KPD annual report: 39 percent decrease of murders for 2018


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)- The Knoxville Police Department released it’s annual report for 2018.

The report details the department’s activities and achievements of that year. The number of arrests, homicide investigations and incidents police have been called to are also included in the report.

According to the data, police investigated 20 murders in 2018, which was a 39% decrease from 2017.

For comparison though, police previously stated in the previous annual report, that the recorded 33 homicides in 2017 was the second highest number of homicides in the city’s recorded history.

Some residents believed that the decrease of homicides in 2018 were due to more police enforcement and patrol.

“I think they’re making a big change. I think they’re looking to better Knoxville. I think they’re looking to make it a better place for citizens, a better place for the tourists and just a better place overall,” Kyle Harrison said.

Some other residents felt that even though having less homicides was a good thing, it didn’t necessarily equal a safer city.

“It sounds good. Yeah, it sounds good. And if there is less yes, but I can’t say that it makes me feel safer,” Keenan Robinson said.

The reported also stated that the number of arrests made increased by more than 8% from the year before.

Less people reported crimes by a little more than 6%, according to the 2018 annual report.

When Knoxville residents were asked why they think that is, some believed less crimes meant there was a smaller need to report.

Another possibility people said was fear of potential consequences.

“Now we’re not supposed to be on the phone anyway so if I’m trying to call and I’m driving, I’m just not even, it’s just not worth it,” Robinson said.

To view the full KPD 2018 annual report, click here.

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