KPD bodycams: Cost, features and what’s next


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The City of Knoxville announced the search for selecting a contract to provide body cameras and cruiser cameras for the Knoxville Police Department is nearing the end. The Knoxville City Council will vote on a 5-year contract Tuesday.

Narrowed from seven vendors to one, Axon Enterprise Inc., the Arizona-based company’s proposed contract is a 5-year deal with the City of Knoxville.

The bottom line contract figures for the first year totals $1,415,430. The 5-year total is $4,923,126 and includes 350 “Axon Body 3” model body cameras and upgrades to cruiser cameras, known as the “Axon Fleet 2.”

“We know there are past instances where it would’ve been a positive thing to have video information, so it’s great that we’re gonna get on board and have that,” Lauren Rider, Fourth District city council member, said

Rider says, based on past discussions with the council, she expects the contract to pass without issue.

“To be able to give this additional tool to be able to use for investigations that we can use for conversations and any complaints that might come up,” Rider said.

Axon Enterprise lists specifics about the body cameras and the cruiser cameras on their website.

Body camera, or bodycam features

  • Pre-event buffer of up to two minutes
  • Improved video quality with reduced blur and improved low-light performance
  • Four built-in microphones
    Preview video over LTE and upload wirelessly without waiting to doc
  • Live streaming back to agency to command staff can respond to real-time active intelligence
  • 12-hour battery life with ability to recharge while camera is turned on
Courtesy: Axon Enterprise, Axon Body 3 model camera

The Axon Body 3 model also includes gunshot detection that will send real-time alerts, according to the company’s website, that are sent directly to the agency, KPD.

In-car system features

  • Car-to-cloud connection
  •  Rear and front camera
  • Wireless offload of video using LTE or Wi-Fi
  • Multicam playback so multiple users can watch up to four videos through Axon Evidence
  • Axon Signal technology integration Record time of up to 70 hours
  • Wireless microphone with 1,000 foot range from vehicle and 12+ hours of continuous talk time
Courtesy: Axon Enterprise, a photo of the Axon Fleet 2 cruiser camera

The company includes more details about the compatibility of the bodycams and in-car cameras, linked through AxonSignal. The cameras will automatically begin recording when an event is reported; for example, the cruiser door is opened or light bar is activated.

The Axon Fleet 2, the specific in-car model chosen by KPD, will also make license plates readable at up to 30 feet away. All of the information and footage is then uploaded to a secure server via

If approved by City Council, city staff will finalize and execute the contract. Camera installation would then be expected to begin this fall, even as early as September, depending on how quickly the final contract can be signed.

The full contract will be posted online before the July 28 meeting, included in the agenda.


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