KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville Police Department says a dog was found locked in a dumpster Wednesday afternoon and was taken to Young-Williams Animal Center for treatment.

It was trapped in a dumpster located in the 1200 block Proctor Street.

Kris Wilk was taking his break in the area and in the distance he noticed the top of Waste Management dumpster flopping up and down.

“I looked outside and thought well there must be a storm coming or it was the wind. When I walked over to the dumpster I could here what sounded like a dog crying,” Wilk said.

He says the dumpster had safety locks on it. Inside the dumpster was a dog trying to get out.

Wilk called 911 to get help for the dog, animal control responded and rescued it. Wilk says the animal control officer told him that the dog had been in there for at least a few days.

He also says there was no way for the dog to get into the dumpster by himself and KPD agrees. They say it is unknown who put the dog in there.

Wilk says this whole ordeal made him angry.

“It’s not right, you know, people have other people to depend on. Animals and critters basically rely on us to do the right thing,” said Wilk.

He also said that dumpster is sitting at a business that is no longer in operation and the dumpster is rarely used.

“That dumpster is not dumped often or at all. That dog was basically left to die,” Wilk said.

After animal control took the dog to Young-Williams, Wilk visited the dog and said he was in good spirits.

“I stopped by the dollar store and got a teddy bear and treats. The dog actually popped up from his cage and came over and started licking me to death,” he said.

KPD says the dog is expected to be ok. They say that the dog didn’t have a microchip.