OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WATE) — Leaders across the country are looking at East Tennessee as they plan for the future. Oak Ridge is leading important research into what will power the future, from nuclear energy to hydro and electricity.

“The research that’s done here, the job creation that’s done here, the waste disposal technologies that are developed here. It’s just critical it continues to function at a high level,” said Lt. Gov. Randy McNally.

The NCSL, or Nuclear Legislative Working Group, brought lawmakers from across the country to Oak Ridge. The group is hoping to learn more about the clean-up of federal nuclear weapons production and the research going on in our backyard.

TN State Rep. John Ragan is a co-chair of the group. He hopes that being able to see what is happening with nuclear power, environmental clean-up and research will help lawmakers make informed decisions for the future.