NASHVILLE, Tenn.  (WKRN) – Supporters of legal canibus hope to spur action on an issue they say has broad support in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Cannabis Coalition met Sunday night in Nashville to gear up for the upcoming legislative session.

The activist group says 76 percent of Tennesseans support medical marijuana. They hope increased awareness will lead to voting on the issue.Previous story:Haslam signs cannabis oil bill into law

The coalition said the positive news from states that have legalized marijuana could help raise awareness here in Tennessee.

“The data that’s coming out of Colorado is incredibly promising,” said Tennessee Cannabis Coalition founder Cecily Friday-Shamim.

“We’re seeing a reduction in vehicle fatalities, we’re seeing a reduction in violent crime, you know we’re seeing a lot of positive things coming out of legal states.”

This year, six states will vote on to legalize marijuana.

This report was originally published by WKRN.