TENNESSEE (WATE) — Sevier County and Knox County Highway Departments have been preparing for snow.

“It was later on this morning around 11 we started paying attention to the weather. Started getting weather alerts and then started making calls to supervisors saying ‘hey, you know we’re going to continue to monitor and bring in as needed.’ Now looking at the weather we’re figuring around 9 o’clock bring the cruise in let them start putting the snow plow‘s and the salt spreaders and the trucks and get ready for action,” said Brad Warren, Knox County operations manager,

As the local highway departments have been preparing, those visiting East Tennessee are excited about the potential snowfall.

“Come and bring the grandkids in for the New Year,” said Angela Feltman who’s from Georgia.

Angela and her husband Mack said they’re aware that Tennessee weather is unpredictable. They’re prepared to stay in Sevier County another night if they have to.

“We always know that there’s a potential this time of year,” said Mack. “We come up here all the time.”

Gabriella Alas and her family are from Orlando, Florida, and came into Sevier County on Saturday,

“So we were hoping to see snow and we thought because the temperatures were really high we thought that we were not going to have it but we are pretty lucky to see that there’s a snowstorm tonight.”

Sevier County Highway Departments Road Superintendent said they’ve been preparing for about a week, getting their trucks maintained. They have about three to four tons of salt ready, but they won’t be pre-salting the roads because of the rain that’s supposed to come in beforehand that would wash it away. Warren said the same goes for the Knox County Highway Department,

“We pretty much stay prepared we keep our salt up-to-date we have Brian tags here that we use to pre-treat the roads.”

Warren adds, “We got seven crews we’ve got seven districts so will bring them all in.”

Though snow can be fun for some, ice on the roads is not. Warren said, “Common sense, you can’t beat it. Just stay home if you can and if you have to get out then you know you do but just be careful.”

People came to East Tennessee to ring in the new year, but they may be staying a little longer than expected due to the weather.

Gabriella Alas said, “we’re gonna stay here a couple of days to see how the snow goes.”