SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WATE) — A Seymour boy picked up the sport of archery, then became the state champion at a young age.

Greyson Carter has been competing in archery contests for half his life in states like Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and others. The 11-year-old boy has what it takes to be a winner: concentration, strong eyesight, and physical and mental strength.

Although archery is fun, it can be frustrating, so, patience and practice are essential for a longer-term future in the sport.

“Greyson won three of the five regional events he competed in. He won the state championship and he won what is called shooter of the year. It’s kind of a points race, similar to NASCAR,” said Melissa Carter, Greyson Carter’s grandmother.

In an indoor competition earlier this month, he earned a perfect score of 30 out of 30.

“Yes, I was the shooter of the year in the state championship,” said Greyson Carter.

The young archer got his first bow when he was in kindergarten. A year later, with his dad at his side, he was shooting competitively.

“He started when he was six years old. Five years old in the backyard with his dad practicing. Six years old in tournaments,” said Chelsey Carter.

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Over the last five years, the tournament wins have mounted up for the now 5th-grade elementary student who competes in his own age group.

“I wasn’t very good at field sports. So, my dad, he already did archery, he asked me if I wanted to keep doing baseball or archery. I choose archery,” said Greyson Carter.

Greyson Carter and his family attend Glen Oak Missionary Baptist Church in Knoxville, where the pastor lets him practice in the church basement. He also gets a hero’s welcome from his fans on Sunday after a Saturday tournament.

“Everybody when we come in the door, how did Greyson do? How did Greyson do? There are a lot of people who text us, call us and keep up with him,” said Tillery Simpson, Greyson Carter’s grandmother.

The compound bow Greyson Carter uses is made by Elite. Among archers, the Elite Ember is called “the world’s most shootable bow for people of all ages.” It even comes with a stabilizer.

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“I’m so proud of Greyson, I can’t wait until he goes and shoots. Me and my husband we look forward to it,” said Simpson.

Next year, he moves up an age group and the target will move to 20 yards, not 10.

“He wants to be a famous professional archer when he grows up,” said Chelsey Carter.

Greyson Carter’s next event is the week after next in Columbus, Ga., where he will be shooting outdoors at 3-D targets, which are more difficult than indoor stationary targets. In the past, he’s won this event.