ROCKWOOD, Tenn. (WATE) — Thousands of bikes are stolen each year across the country, but for an 11-year-old out of Roane County, he did not lose hope after having two bikes stolen in less than a week span, but when it all first happened, Jax Bagnell was taken aback after his discovery in his yard.

“I go out there and look, I didn’t find my first bike,” he said. “I thought they must be a spy because they took the bike that meant a lot to me.”

Jax won the bike from a wrestling match. He also felt he customized it pretty well, which is why he was upset that someone chose to steal that bike instead of his second bike that he didn’t use as much.

“This bike already had a bunch of stickers on it and stuff like that, so I would ride this bike to my friend’s house and use the other one just for riding around,” he said.

This led Jax to come up with a plan. He decided to use his second bike as a decoy, but he didn’t just put the bike out in hopes of seeing who would take it, instead, he took it a step further after coming across an item he thought could come in handy.

“I had this AirTag for a long time, I hadn’t found a use for it. His name is Jimmy,” Jax said.

Soon he had an idea to make Jimmy useful. “I stabbed the bicycle seat and put the AirTag under there with a little bit of duck tape and I also duck taped the seat, so it looked like it was just a scratched-up seat.”

As expected, the second bike was stolen.

“You stole one bike from me, that’s weird but okay, but you stole a second bike from the same exact house, what is wrong with you,” Jax said.

With the AirTag, police were able to assist Jax in helping him find his bike.

“I had never seen anything like this before,” Rockwood officer, Noah Harris said. “The kid is smart. He was able to pull up his phone and show us an approximate location of where the bike was.”

However, the decoy bike wasn’t the only unbelievable find.

“We were able to go to that location where the first bike was, found that one, and then went on the phone and found the other one,” said Chance York, a Rockwood officer who helped as well. “We really just wanted to help the family, that first bike that he had, had a lot of sentimental value to the kid and just to see his face when we got it back, it was all the reward we needed.”

Although Jax’s favorite bike isn’t all in one piece, he still has a plan to get it back on both wheels.

“I was really excited to find it,” he said. “I think I’ll use the parts from my decoy bike to fix it.”

Officers are reminding residents to have information about their bikes, like the serial number, make, model and any other details that can help them when trying to find stolen bikes.