KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Sixteen people were arrested after a prostitution ring came to Knoxville.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security and the FBI uncovered the ring at a hotel. Investigators say the group stopped in Knoxville after traveling to New York. The group originally traveled to New York from Texas and was on its way back when stopping in Knoxville.

The group posted advertisements on for prostitution.

Investigators discovered that one of the women had two children. The two young children, a one-year-old and a three-year-old, were found returning to a hotel with two non-related men.  The children are now in temporary custody of the Department of Children’s Services.

The charges include:

  • Carlton Jamal Harvison, 25, of Texas: human trafficking, simple possession, driving on suspended license, violation of the child restraint law.
  • Charles Williams, 28, of Texas: human trafficking.
  • Vikotria D. Frias, 20: prostitution
  • Vanessa R. Burger, 27: prostitution
  • Danielle N. Bradley, 28: promoting prostitution
  • Courtney E. Ireland, 36: prostitution, violation of probation, and a hold for Loudon County
  • Angela J. Myers, 40: prostitution
  • April D. Stephens, 39: prostitution
  • Stefanie M. Harper, 28: prostitution
  • April L. Rudder, 35: prostitution
  • Kirk J. Fredrickson, 25: patronizing prostitution
  • Shannon K. Whitsell, 33: prostitution
  • Rhonda A. Milsap, 41: prostitution
  • Stephanie D. Tate, 37: driving on a suspended license

Also, two people were arrested at the Five Stars Massage Parlor at 6625 Maynardville Pike for impersonating a licensed professional. Investigators say Kai Yan Wu, 44, and Hai Yan Liu, 43, were performing massages without a state license.