KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville City Council has approved a $2.9-million sidewalk plan that will link North Knoxville residents with the Broadway business corridor.

The council on Tuesday unanimously approved a request from Mayor Indya Kincannon to invest $2.9 million in state and city funding to build 3,000 linear feet of sidewalk on the north side of Atlantic Avenue between Pershing Street and Broadway.

Construction of the sidewalk is expected to be completed in early 2023.

The Knoxville Utilities Board is also a partner in the project and will reimburse the city government for $1.3 million for necessary utility work.

“Safe connectivity in neighborhoods is important. This new sidewalk will create safer options for North Knoxville families who walk or bike to get to the stores, jobs, and bus stops on Broadway and beyond.”

Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon