2 West Knoxville restaurants earn low health inspection scores

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – This week’s lowest-scoring restaurant had a number of violations that will require a follow-up inspection.

East Japanese Restaurant in Farragut failed their health inspection with a score of 68; anything below a 70 is considered unsanitary.

During his visit, the inspector couldn’t find any records or a log for frozen salmon — restaurants are required to keep records for certain fish, like salmon, for what is called “parasite destruction.” Then, when the inspector checked cooked pork, there were no marks to indicate when the pork was first cooked. Any food kept in a refrigerator must be dated when it’s first used and used within seven days.

Kitchen utensils used to prepare food were dirty and had not been sanitized. And when employees were asked simple questions about health policies, they were unaware of them.

The inspector also found raw fish in the refrigerator stored over ready-to-eat food — a violation.

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IHOP on Lovell Road was the next-lowest scoring restaurant, earning a grade of 76. The inspector wrote that he asked a worker to remove her long, painted fingernails because they’re tough to keep clean.

When the inspector asked the cook some of the illness rules, he got no answers. Additionally, the cook was observed sipping from an open drink cup. All cups have to have a lid and a straw to avoid mishaps.

In a follow-up inspection, Kabuki at Turkey Creek was reinspected and earned a 94, after last week’s failing grade of 65.

Meanwhile, here are the best grades in the area:

Saphhire, 428 S. Gay Street – 100

Garden Grill, 1719 Lake Avenue – 100

Tennessee Tap House, 350 Peters Road – 100

Green’s Tavern, 9363 Kingston Pike – 100

Starbucks, 4924 Kingston Pike – 100

Jersey Mike’s, 4839 Kingston Pike – 100

Firehouse Subs, 1708 Cumberland Avenue – 100

Pizza Hut, 7401 Chapman Highway – 100

Aubrey’s, 214 Emory Road – 99

Waffle House, 309 Emory Road – 99

Oliver Royale, 5 Market Square – 99

Chesapeake’s, 600 Union Avenue – 98

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