38 East Tennesseans compete in 2018 Boston Marathon

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The field is set for the 2018 Boston Marathon on Monday and there are 38 East Tennesseans competing in the race.

More than 30,000 runners from around the world will run in the Boston Marathon this year, beginning in Hopkinton, Mass. and winding their way 26.2 miles through eastern Massachusetts until they cross the finish line at Copley Square in Boston.

Runners start in waves, with mobility-impaired competitors starting at 8:40 a.m. The last wave of runners cross the starting line at 11:15 a.m.

Along the way, the runners will pass by half a million spectators, including the women of Wellesley College, who offer kisses to competitors as they pass through the “Scream Tunnel.” The course also makes its way over “Heartbreak Hill,” located between the 20- and 21-mile marks near Boston College.

Before reaching the finish line, contestants will also make their way past Fenway Park, where the Boston Red Sox will be hosting the Baltimore Orioles in a game that begins at 11:05 a.m. Fans sitting atop the Green Monster at the park have a bird’s-eye view of the runners as they pass by.

The runners represent 99 countries from around the world and 80 percent of them have to qualify based on finishing times in other marathons, including the Knoxville Marathon, leading up to the race. They are competing for nearly $50,000 in prize money distributed among the top 10 finishers. 

Qualifying times for the marathon range from 3:05 and 3:35 for men and women in the 18-34 age bracket respectively to 4:55 and 5:25 for men and women in the 80+ age bracket respectively. 

An additional 422 runners qualify because they have completed 10 or more consecutive Boston Marathons. 

Runners are allowed 5 hours and 25 minutes to complete the course. Along the way, there will be 35,000 gallons of water available, along with 28,200 bananas to prevent cramping. 

Here are the contestants from East Tennessee, according to the Boston Athletic Association’s website:

  • Aaron Clark, 45, Maryville
  • Nicholas Morgan, 38, Knoxville
  • Lacy Mangione, 32, Knoxville
  • David Milchalik, 25, Knoxville
  • Lindsay Parks, 38, Knoxville
  • Philip Faulk, 42, Knoxville
  • Emily Roy, 35, Sweetwater
  • Aaron Bradner, 30, Oak Ridge
  • Maggie Whitson, 33, Johnson City
  • Andrew Jones, 35, Knoxville
  • Aaron Wise, 35, Knoxville
  • Ron Wireman, 36, Knoxville
  • Katherine Kerekes, 36, Oak Ridge
  • Courtney Carini, 37, Knoxville
  • Margaux Akright, 37, Knoxville
  • Dawn Doucette, 37, Sevierville
  • Scott Schmidt, 37, Knoxville
  • Andy Broome, 37, Knoxville
  • Elizabeth Wetherall, 26, Knoxville
  • Howard Ende, 53, Johnson City
  • Mary Gary, 29, Knoxville
  • Maryjane Pitts, 67, Knoxville
  • Gina Rouse, 38, Knoxville
  • Cay Greer, 59, Johnson City
  • Richard Greve, 58, Knoxville
  • Jennifer Hale, 40, Johnson City
  • Jim Hall, 41, Knoxville
  • Emily Tirgrath, 40, Knoxville
  • John Howick, 69, Knoxville
  • Malcolm Oliver, 69, Morristown
  • Mark Cristy, 71, Oak Ridge
  • Jennifer Singh, 58, Knoxville
  • Julie Willenborg, 50, Knoxville
  • Larry Brede, 51, Lenoir City
  • Doug Ross, 53, Knoxville
  • Howard Ende, 53, Johnson City
  • Matt Rouse, 37, Knoxville
  • Alan Horton, 37, Knoxville

You can see the complete field of runners on the Boston Athletic Association’s website

You can watch the 2018 Boston Marathon beginning at 8:30 a.m. on NBC Sports Network.

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