Five more workers are set to plead guilty to federal immigration charges after a raid at an East Tennessee meat packing plant.

According to court documents, Marvin Oriel Marroquin-Lopez, Domingo Gregorio-Domingo, Antonio Garcia-Martin, Fidel Silva-Silva, and Mateo Gomez-Pablo are among 10 who were federally charged during the raid at Southeastern Provision in Grainger County.

Evilio Alejandrio Bravo-Arreaga, David Perez-Bartelon, and Jose Roblero-Bravo previously filed notices of intent to plead guilty late last month.

All 10 people charged in the case had entered not guilty pleas after a federal court appearance on April 10. Those who are charged with reentering the US after being removed are facing up to two years in prison.

During the raid on Southeastern Provision in Bean Station, 97 people were found who were subject to removal from the United States. Ten of those were arrested on federal criminal charges, one on state charges and 86 on administrative charges. Of the 86 administrative arrests, 54 were placed in detention and 32 were released.