5 simple household tricks to save you money

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What do you do when your grade school son or grandson leaves a glass of water and a big stain on your favorite coffee table? You likely would not go out and buy another table.

Rings on wooden tables

Here is the scenario. Someone ignored your fancy coasters and put a sweaty, icy glass of soda right smack on your best wooden table, leaving a nasty white ring on the wood surface. The solution is to put a good-sized scoop of mayonnaise right onto that ring.

Wait about 30 minutes then wipe it off. You’ll likely find no unsightly ring.

Stuck zippers

How many times has this happened: The zipper on your brand-new boots or coat is stuck and refusing to track correctly. What do you do? Get a crayon in a color closest to the item, or a regular black graphite pencil, and rub it up and down both sides of the zipper. The zipper will come unstuck!

Some people say soap, candle wax and even Windex is also recommended. 

Gum on your shoe

How disgusting is it when you step in someone’s chewed and discarded gum. Ugh!

Pretend the sole of your shoe is an English muffin and spread a decent amount of peanut butter around and on the gum. Let it sit for 10 minutes. The peanut butter will break down the gum. Then, get a good scrub brush and scrub it off, with the aid of some cold water.

Crayon on the wall

At home your preschool Picasso drew you a beautiful picture on the wall. What to do? Get a glop of white toothpaste and be sure that it is a paste, not gel. Rub it on the crayon marks and keep rubbing. It may not work on all wall surfaces, but it’s a pretty good household remedy. The toothpaste will probably prevent your wall from getting cavities. 

Rusted cast-iron skillet

You love your jack-of-all-recipes cast-iron skillet, ut you left it wet for too long and it rusted. Believe it or not, Lodge Cast Iron says you should just treat the pan the way you normally would to season it. 

Wash using steel wool. Soap is optional. Rinse and dry. Melt some Crisco or any vegetable shortening and apply a thin, even coating. Put foil on the bottom rack of your oven and set it to 350 degrees.

Turn the pan upside-down and put it on the top rack. Bake for an hour. Turn off the oven and let it cool before taking the pan out.

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