5 ways small expenses can kill your budget

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Do you ever feel puzzled because your budget doesn’t seem to work? Small expenses can kill your budget. There are ways to cut down on small costs that add up.

1. Cut back on lunch expenses

Food is among our biggest expenditures. Of course, we all have to eat, but we also waste money on meals. Spending $10 at lunch each day adds up to a whopping $50 per week, or $200 per month. 

It may not seem like much when you’re swiping your debit card, but daily lunch expenses can sap your savings. So, one way to avoid busting your budget is discovering a way to cut back on lunch expenses. 

2. Limit treats

We all have indulgences. Perhaps you prefer a cup of coffee each morning from Starbucks or a fresh-baked bagel from Panera. You don’t have to abandon these tasty items, but indulging in moderation for your budget’s sake is worth a shot. 

Try to limit such treats to once a week, or even once a month. Many places offer freebies on your birthday that allow you to indulge at no cost

3. Be careful with promotional offers

How many times have you signed up for a free subscription or a premium channel, only to notice charges on your statement because you forgot to cancel before the promotional period ended? Steer clear of promotional offers, unless you have a reminder in your smartphone or planner to cancel services before charges are applied to your account.

4. Compare bank fees

Over the past few years, numerous bank fees have materialized out of thin air. There is a good chance you now pay for account maintenance and paper statements, just to name two. Fees for overdrafts and ATM use also have increased.

Doing your homework now can save you money for years to come. Make a list of the features and services that matter most to you then compare costs at several institutions. 

5. Watch for cellphone overages

Unless you have an all-inclusive, unlimited cellphone plan, caps can apply to minutes and data usage, and you’ll pay extra if you go over. If your cellphone bill fluctuates each month, take a moment to give the provider a call and inquire about more cost-effective options that may be available to you.

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