KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As May comes to an end, the weather is starting to feel more like summer. Check out some free events during the Memorial Day weekend that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Check out these 6 free things to do in the area this weekend. Make sure to check out WATE 6 Storm Team’s weather blog while planning for some of the events.

Rose Center Museum

Rose Center Council for the Arts was established in 1976 to promote the arts in the Lakeway area. The center develops, promotes and sustains the creative arts in Morristown by working to bring together people or groups that pursue visual and performing arts, and historical and cultural endeavors.

For more information about the Rose Center Museum, click here.

• Location: 442 West Second North Street, Morristown, Tenn.
• Date: Friday, May 25
• Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Farragut History Walk

Take a walk around Farragut to enjoy some educational sites: a heritage trail with interpretive signage at Founders Park, the Campbell Station Inn and Mayor Ralph McGill Plaze, the Farragut Museum/Admiral Farragut Plaza and Pleasant Forest Cemetery.

• Location: (Start) Founders Park, 405 N. Campbell Station Road
• Time: (Farragut Museum: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.)

Panther Creek State Park

Take your family on a trip to a park that offers 15 miles of trails and has the most highly-rated courses in Morristown.

Panther Creek is a 1,444-acre state park in Morristown near the shore of Cherokee Lake in the historic Holsten River Valley. The park has 17 different hiking trails covering more than 30 miles of terrain at all levels of difficulty. 

For anyone interested in camping, the park provides 50 sites for RV and tents. Campsites also include water, electrical and sewer hookups.

People who visit will also see Cherokee Lake and the Cumberland Mountains from Point Lookout Trail.

• Location: 2010 Panther Creek Park Road, Morristown, Tenn.
• Date: Sun-Sat
• Time: 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

Secret City Commemorative Walk (Bissell Park)

This is a memorial that honored the thousands of men and women who moved to a city that was not found on maps to help end World War II. 10 bronze plaques are in the area that tells the story of Oak Ridge and its role in the war.

The Secret City Commemorative Walk also displays a series of eight bronze markers for people who lived in Oak Ridge. Make sure to check out the “Founder Walls” which displays the 1,488 original founders.

• Location: Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
• Date: Sun-Sat
• Time: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Alex Haley Heritage Square

Come by the park known for its statue of author and Pulitzer prize winner Alex Haley. According to the City of Knoxville website, the statue is the focal point of the park. It was designed by sculptress Tina Allen and cast in bronze in New York City.

The park would be a great place to walk around and take pictures with Haley. Click here for more information.

• Location: 1600 Dandridge Avenue Knoxville, Tenn.
• Date: Sun-Sat
• Time: anytime

Knoxville Weather Kiosk

Come to downtown Knoxville to see the last remaining U.S. Weather Bureau Kiosk in the nation. The kiosk is located between Clinch Street and Market Street which is just outside of the East Tennessee History Center.

According to, the weather kiosks were used for publicly posting the most up-to-date forecast for the public. People would gather at the kiosk to read the latest posting.

When radios became popular, forecasts were announced more inside of people’s homes and workplaces. Then came satellites and the internet allowed weather information to be streamlined so there wasn’t a need for weather kiosks.

However, Knoxville was able to maintain the last weather kiosks in the U.S. Come see the weather kiosk, and learn more about the kiosk on the website.

• Location: Downtown Knoxville, corner of Clinch Street and Market Street
• Date: Sun-Sat
• Time: anytime