KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Brodie Jeffries’ dad passed away in October. Now, the six-year-old is remembering him by giving to those in need.

Brodie’s dad has always taught him to give back to his community. Now, he wants to follow in his footsteps.

“I can’t explain how big his heart is for that little body. He’s just an amazing person,” said his mom Shatarra Jeffries.

The Jeffries has been working to put together hygiene kits and other needed items for those living on the streets. Brodie wanted to do this because it was something his dad was passionate about.

“I want to give them stuff, feed them, and give them stuff they need,” said Brodie. “I want to help them.”

Shatarra Jeffries said her late husband found himself in troubled times once. That’s why he worked hard to give back to others in their time of need.

“To know that he wants to do this in remembrance of his father it’s very heartwarming,” said Shatarra. “I’m crying but it’s like it truly makes me smile and I know his father is like smiling so big that he installed something in his son that is good because you know as parents we want our children to get the good of us. I know he’s truly happy that you know he did leave his son with something so great that it will touch the world.”

Their family’s original goal was to help at least 25 people. Now, they’re reaching out to the community with hopes to give more. It’s a way Brodie can still feel connected to his dad.

“He still alive, alive in my heart and everywhere,” said Brodie. “It’s just that we can’t see him anymore, but he is still here.”

If you would like to help Brodie, you can contact his mom at 865-300-0459 or at or his grandmother at 865-343-2201 or at