800-900 Knoxville homes and businesses damaged by flooding

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Even after two days of sunshine, floodwaters linger in some areas after record rains in Knox County, with Knoxville included.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Mayor Madeline Rogero gave her report on the historic rainfall and flooding.

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The mayor starting off the city council meeting, addressing the floods that hit our area hard this weekend. And even admitting she, too, is dealing with the impacts in her own home.

800 to 900 homes and businesses damaged

“Earlier today we were aware of reported damage to about 800 to 900 homes and businesses,” she said. 

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Rogero walking through the extent of damage, so far in the city, after rain pounded down over the weekend. 

5.25 inches of rain in a short period

“Just constant, we had a lot of rain, and when there’s a lot of saturation, and then the 5.25 inches in a short time period, it’s just not going to hold,” the mayor said.

That, she says, despite years of drainage and stormwater projects spanning multiple administrations and millions of dollars, to alleviate some flooding problems. 

Work that continues today.

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“So we have the big projects and then we’re actively doing smaller projects and repairs and maintenance throughout the year,” Rogero said.

While it’s been a busy past few days for city crews and first responders, the mayor says they’ve still got work ahead of them.

The city will analyze its response

“We’ll debrief from that as well, we always debrief after any kind of event. How could we have responded better? So we always want to analyze, we always want to learn from that,” she said.

The city doesn’t know yet the total damage or costs associated with these floods. More reports are expected in the next few days. 

The city has asked people to call 311 to report significant damage to buildings on your property.

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