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88-year-old lady loves her job at Kroger and customers have noticed

SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WATE) - An energetic and happy Kroger employee loves her job and customers have noticed. 

We recently received an email from viewer Jim Eller, who had visited the Kroger store on Chapman Highway in Seymour, and came away quite impressed with one of the store's energetic employees.

Eller wrote, "I notice a little lady four feet plus," and "out in the rain she went and pushed 4 to 5 carts back up t he incline to the store and put them in the entry way."

Eller was talking about 88-year-old Mary Huskey.

She's the friendly face Kroger customers see every weekday. Mary carefully places each item in her customer's cart, and  follows her outside to lend a helping hand. Once the last bag is loaded, Mary makes sure her customer is safely on her way home.

This bundle of energy doesn't stop there. She finds a lone cart in the parking lot, 
and pushes it back up to the store. She does it rain or shine. Something that caught Jim Eller's attention.

"I said to her 'you do that job better than a 15 year old boy does!' " Jim remembers.

She works so tirelessly, some customers go to Mary's boss with concerns.

"When customers come in and tell us 'we can't believe you're making her work so hard to go get those carts,' we're like , 'you go tell her no because she is insistent on doing her job,' " Sue Sonner, Customer Service Manager, told us.

But Mary, known for her signature dance moves, is clearly having a wonderful time.

"I like to do my job, " Mary said. "The the people at Kroger are so friendly and I just like to work and keep moving."

Her work ethic inspires even her youngest coworkers.

"She's able to pick up these giant waters and these big things of soda cans," said coworker Angelica Esslinger. "I'm 22 and she's able to do this."

Mary's grateful for a job she enjoys, and for people like Jim Eller who noticed her hard work and wanted her to be recognized for it.

"I think he has just gone above and beyond, out of his way, to be nice to me and I really, really appreciate it, " Mary said. 

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