KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A cat that has been missing for 7 years in California is on a her way to Tennessee for a reunion with her owner. Joe Drnec, who now lives near Knoxville, said he received a call recently that left him stunned.

“We never thought we would ever see her again, this is really an amazing story,” Drnec said.

While living in California a few years ago, the Drnecs’ adopted Ebi from the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. Her name means ‘shrimp’ in Japanese. Primarily an indoor cat, Ebi became increasingly curious about the outside world so the Drnec’s eventually let her to explore beyond the front door.

“She just went crazy at the door, always wanting to go outside,” said Joe Drnec. “She eventually became an indoor-outdoor cat.”

In early 2015, Ebi wandered off and never returned home. Later that year, the Drnec’s moved across the country without their beloved Ebi. Now, seven years later, Ebi has been found.

The short-haired cat, who is now 8 years old, was brought into the animal shelter in January not far from where she had wandered off all those years ago. An employee scanned the feline for a microchip and the scanner beeped, pulling up Joe Drnec’s contact information.

Joe, his wife and their Calico cat, Eunice, now live in Bearden, in West Knoxville. The phone call about Ebi has been nothing short of a miracle. He can’t wait to reunite with the long lost kitty.

Ebi and her human companion flew out of the Ontario International Airport around 6 a.m. on Feb. 16. They will land in Nashville and make the trip by car to Knoxville, where Ebi and her owners will be reunited.

The trip across the country to reunite Ebi with her family is being paid for by personal donations and help from the Animal Solutions Konnection (ASK) Foundation.