CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) — Despite sustaining damage during Wednesdays storms, Anderson County Fair President Steve Queener said the “best six days of summer” will continue.

Luckily, the fair had closed before the storm hit, so everyone was gone aside from a few workers and night security. No one was hurt and no rides were damaged.

Queener estimated that there has to be at least $100,00 in damage.

The Anderson County Fair reported that it did receive some damage to the entertainment tent, as well as debris and tree limbs being down. The track for the truck pull was covered before the storms hit.

“I told somebody, we had our own ride last at the fair. It was… it was difficult. Something we’ve never experienced before.” Queener said. “It’s something I’ve never experienced, and I’ve been involved with this fair for 35 years, so its… its crazy.”

  • Chairs knocked over Anderson County Fair
  • Tent overturned Anderson County Fair
  • Tent on Truck Anderson County Fair
  • Destroyed Canopy Anderson County Fair
  • Tent and chair damage Anderson County Fair
  • Stage Anderson County Fair
  • Tent damage Anderson County Fair
  • Sign off booth Anderson County Fair

Thursday night at the fair, Queener said that kids get in free, and the Truck Pull is still planned to continue as planned. According to a Facebook post, the track surface for the truck pull was covered before the storms started.

Gates open at 5 p.m. The fairgrounds warned that parking will not be allowed on the ball fields and grass areas because of the rainfall. The fairgrounds advises that vehicles should park at JayCee Park or on the adjacent roads.